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A film consulting & distribution company with over 20 years of proven experience in Hollywood working through the platforms of domestic and foreign Cable TV, Pay Per View, Video On Demand, Internet sales, Theatrical and DVD release.
Our distribution channels include  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Blockbuster and more.



Consulting & Distribution Services

Christopher Peters Entertainment offers Production and distribution consulting in the areas of  production, distribution, financing and film packaging.   

Most suitable for a film maker and or production company looking to raise money for your film, convince an investor of a complete business plan, or get your film to market in a way that hits on all points in an A plus way.
If you are a new or established film maker or company and you need the next level of relationships or know how to get your deals done, CP Entertainment offers coaching and consulting services to get your films produced and distributed. With so many films being produced at any one given time and the market being highly competitive, make sure you know the inside tricks of what is selling and what buyers are looking for to make sure you don't waste a dime of your budget.
Both one off, in person meetings in the Los Angeles area, (meetings of 1-2 hours should be enough to cover a lot of ground) are available for those wanted to clarify ideas or get inspiration / advice on how to proceed with certain ideas and or projects. Per project or monthly rates are also available if you are looking for bigger involvement such as connecting your projects to private equity or hedge funds, getting named actors involved or if you are looking to make a distribution deal for an already completed or film in pre production stages. 
CP Entertainment can help you make a distribution deal with your film and or company with a major studio, before your film is made just based on your script or after your film is done - your choice!


Unsolicited Materials:

Although there is no guarantee, due to the number of unsolicited finished film pieces we receive, that we get to view all materials sent, we do welcome unsolicited materials and are always looking for finished films to distribute. 
Our main point of interest are finished films on DVD that do not have distribution already  
Occasionally, we do finance and / or develop original screenplays into finished films.
Please see our
contact and submissions section for more information.:

Any material sent to us will not be returned.
If we like your unsolicited film or script, we will contact you to set up a meeting and / or conference call to explain how we proceed from there. 

As an independent consultant and distributor of product, Christopher Peters uniquely positioned to take best advantage of all the various outlets that television in the U.S. and Canada has to offer. He has been associated with many of the preeminent companies in cable. Through his extensive contacts he can tap these sources for you



About Us

Films in Development:

Christopher Peters is currently co-producing the film "Knights of Impossingworth Park", a US-China Co-production in association with Shenhart Entertainment a LA-Beijing based production company. Shooting entirely on mainland China, the film is an epic adventure in which two immortal knights compete for the survival of children of the world and the future of mankind.

Superman Returns 2 - 2010 (Warner Bros / Peters Entertainment)

Mother's Day, Horror film - in post production, 2006

Superman Returns 2006 - (Peters Entertainment / Warner Bros)

Mad Monster Party 2008 - (In Development Warner Bros)

World Combat Championship 1995 - Studio Showtime Entertainment

Extreme Warriors 1997 - HBO

Robin Hood 2000 - Warner Bros

Christopher Peters (also known as Chris Peters) is son of producer Jon Peters(studio head, producer - Batman, Rainman, The Color Purple, Upcoming Superman Returns WB 2006) and actress Lesley Ann Warren,(Academy Award Nominated Actress - Cinderella, Victor Victoria and currently Desperate Housewives).

Christopher was raised in Malibu, CA and after completing his education at Beverly Hills High then Goddard College in Vermont (Masters in Business and Communications), he returned to Hollwood and took a position at Warner Bros records in the A & R dept signing and developing emerging talent for the label.

But acting and producing being his roots, Christopher was then offered and took a staring role on TV for CBS "Morning Star, Evening Star" as well as a number of films, "Lost Boys, Rivers Edge" and made for TV specials for various networks.

Following in his father's footsteps, Christopher took an entry level position at Cannon Films for Golan Globus working his way up through the ranks. After several years, Christopher was then offered numerous creative exec positions at several different film companies but decided on Peter's entertainment where he took a job as director of development.

In late 1990's, a few months after Christopher started with Peters entertainment, Chris developed and sold to Warner Bros a new and exciting take on the Robin Hood franchise securing a producing title and his first major studio film as producer. In the following year, Christopher rose to VP of Peters entertainment developing projects such as the now in production Superman Returns, The famous Japanise cartoon Akira, The Blob, A Star is Born and others.

Recently, Christopher has formed his own company and is in working relationship with Warner Bros on several projects. He is currently producing Mad Monster Party (at Warner Bros Studio) with Basil Iwanykof Thunder Road.



Press Releases

Pictures right from left to right:
Christopher Peters with wife, Daniella Peters at Hollywood's Night of 100 Stars, Red Carpet Oscars 2007

With Sharon Stone 50th Annual Golden Globes

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Christopher Peters In the Media
Daily Variety - 30th July 2005 - Dana Harrie - "WB to Create a Monster"
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Los Angeles Daily News - 4th April 2005 - Warren gets desperate on Son's Recommendation"
Daily Variety - 31st March 2005 - Just for Variety
Daily Variety - 10th august 2000 - "WB Peters picks Puck Spec"
In Style Magazine - 1st June 1994 - Streisand Shares the Album of House she Called Home for 20 years.
Daily Variety - 3rd September 1992 - "Dracula Revamps scenes"

Wireimage - Premiere of Sommersby with Sharon Stone
Wireimage - Patriot Games Premiere
Wireimage - Alladin Benefit Premiere
Wireimage - 50th Annual Golden Globes




Film Submissions

We highly recommend booking a one hour consultation session where we can consult you on the various options available to you to get your film sold. Email here for more info: cpwaters@aol.com
You are also welcome to submit your finished film to the address below. We aim to look at any finished film sent to us. Our main point of interest are finished films on DVD that do not have distribution. Our  distribution arm is constantly on the look out for films to sell thru channels such as Blockbuster home video, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Amazon, national and international cable TV and more! 

Any material sent to us will not be returned. If we like your  film or script, we will contact you and set up a meeting and / or phone conference call to explain how we proceed from there. 

Please send your finished films to us at:

Chris Peters Entertainment
Distribution DPT
Box # 57195
Sherman Oaks CA 91413-7195

Please include the following information:

Email address
Telephone Number

Best way to Contact you

Then please include any pertinent info relevant to your film including marketing plans, budget spent, info about the actors or anything that could relate to the sale of your film.

Occasionally, we do finance and / or develop original screenplays into finished films.



Christopher Peters Entertainment
Distribution DPT
Box # 57195
Sherman Oaks Ca. USA